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The digitlization of sensor uses range more and more extensive

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In the TestSensor trade exhibition that undertakes in German Nuremberg recently, the lubricant that this company revealed to be based on MEMS is oleaginous sensor. This equipment included tuning fork of a MEMS, can measure the different index of lubricant at the same time, wait like viscosity, density, dielectric constant and temperature. Integrated these index, this equipment can detect inside a minute the degradation that gives lubricant. On a few heavy-duty lorries, such sensor can be used at oleaginous from the line analysis, when does the operator that notifies a lorry need oil change. Guidone says, "Last in nowadays oil price below exalted situation, this aux will be able to obtains very good economic benefits. " ADI company Analog Devices Inc. Also combine MEMS sensor and integrated circuit look, development goes vibration of an ADSL001 industry and concussion sensor.
The application of domain of a few control, the requirement is very much different input and much more variable processing. These ask circuit deals with a word of know exactly about sth to come over complexly. However, in applying a few more additionally, imitate takes dominant place as before. Design of imitate parts of an apparatus is relatively simple, corresponding Yu Jian's odd circuit, face a lot of factor such as cost control especially, imitate is first selection. ‹G²¿UÛ&Öäy˪uñç

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