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VEGA radar expects plan
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VEGA radar expects plan, VEGA radar fluid plan, VEGA ultrasonic expects plan, VEGA radar guides a makings plan, admittance of VEGA radio frequency expects plan, VEGA expects a switch ************

Privilege of limited company of Shanghai of general Electromechanical international trade supplies German VEGA radar to expect plan, VEGA radar fluid plan, VEGA ultrasonic expects plan, VEGA radar guides a makings plan, admittance of VEGA radio frequency expects plan, VEGA expects the product such as a switch. German VEGA company is a famous other people the manufacturer that reachs pressure measuring instrument to express, its are main the product has: VEGAPULS radar expects plan, radar fluid plan, VEGASON ultrasonic expects plan, ultrasonic fluid plan, VEGAFLEX radar guides a makings plan, admittance of VEGACAL radio frequency expects plan, VEGAVIB expects a switch, VEGASWING fluid switch, VEGABAR pressure changes send implement etc. Main show is the advantage of German VEGA: Use blame contact to measure, do not suffer medium character to affect (high temperature, high pressure, vacuum, dust, vapour and measure extremely caustic strong or mix degree of tall medium) ; Measurable liquid or solid medium, and mix or change medium is influential to measuring a result to be done not have, also do not need to debug appearance afresh; Because use blame contact to measure, the care and maintenance of VEGASON is very simple. Come for years, german VEGA is global metallurgy, mineral products, building materials, petrifaction, the sources of energy, electric power, chemical industry, water treatment, food, medicine, papermaking, shipbuilding, machinery to make waited for a domain to offer high grade product kimono Wu.
The measurement of VEGA principle: ü  ferment peddles ⑸ ?0kHz to come the ultrasonic of 70kHz frequency limits, after ultrasonic encounters the medium that be measured, be come back to be received by probe by reflection. Ultrasonic travels with sound wave speed, the time that gives out reflection sound wave to receive from sound wave and probe arrive to be measured medium surface is apart from direct ratio. It is OK that VEGASON series sensor uses newest small processing technology and unique ECHOFOX software accurate cent precipitate echo, eliminate to reflex mathematical calculation to go out to be measured phonily the distance of medium surface. The temperature probe of type of an organic whole can measure the temperature inside container, measure an error to undertake compensating to what temperature causes. Through inputting container dimension, can be apart from in the sky the value to be changed into with content the signal that becomes direct ratio. Appearance is OK empty storehouse is debugged.
VEGA measures range big: Ultrasonic sensor VEGASON61, VEGASON62, VEGASON63, VEGASON64, VEGASON65, VEGASON66 is comfortable at measuring liquid medium and solid medium. The distinction of these a few kinds of appearance depends on: Put in order branny ferment returns paragraph of А ⑻  of pond of  of male protruding asking glue imprints Peng of the She nationality of remnant  of Gan De of ⑸ of Mu of  of brilliant of M ü  puts in order branny rice reachs? of paragraph of Э tip source 70 meters. Probe and process join use stable data, can measure caustic medium. Still can choose a very practical and convenient dragon doorcase to adjust to VEGASON63 the direction of sensor.
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