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Holand Nieaf-Smitt relay ************

General Electromechanical international trade (Shanghai) relay of Nieaf-Smitt of Holand of distribute of limited company major. Nieaf-Smitt company held water in Holand Utrecht 1900, exceed 100 years of histories up to now, it is the supplier of post of report of power plant of European main power, main production electric power and railroad use a test instrument, dish ammeter of face appearance, test, industrial relay, special environment uses relay, timer, than flowing implement, exceed small tile chronometer. Nieaf-Smitt product and service cent are 5 kinds of products: Railroad traffic is special relay and electric equipment; Electric power allocates a company, power plant and petro-chemical wait for an industry to use relay; Industry of railroad traffic, shipbuilding is special appearance dial; Portable test and measuring instrument implement; Circuit controls package. Nieaf-Smitt relay can provide the contact of above of 4CO bulk 40*40*53mm, at 7Amp above can bearing below 110VDC laden condition the electric post of rated electric current, 1D-B SeriesHeavy Duty Relay- 10A/440vac, 350vdc Max.4400VA, at 7Amp above can bearing below 110vdc load, contain 4CO~8CO contact structure, disappear arc core. Coil is apart from compression 2.5KVA recently to contact, coil can choose AC/DC to share, changeover of 4.16KV of standard of applicable power plant dominates return circuit for 480V transformer ACBair Circuit Breaker.

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