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Much chip semiconductor imports hopeful to avoid custom duty
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The semiconductor between the government (GAMS) conference and world semiconductor association (WSC) joint meeting is held 25 days at Portuguese Lisbon, bureau of trade of economic ministry nation expresses, affirmatory already consideration signs chinese mainland much chip semiconductor avoids custom duty agreement, once the mainland finishs an agreement to sign, the product is defeated to be able to avoid custom duty toward the mainland related much chip semiconductor, have a help quite to extending mainland market.

Factory of Taiwan IC design includes couplet hair division, power fill, silicon all, luck sunlights, Yang Zhi, Ling Yang and Cheng Qun will be the biggest the person that be benefited.

IC of a consumption designs a director to point out, development of Taiwan IC design is depended on a few this many years the market needs inside the mainland, especially global electron production workshop turns to the mainland, include group of P C chip power fill, silicon all; The luck that the Cheng Qun of MCU of the Ling Yang of speech IC, home appliance, net connects sunlights; Communication application has white card mobile phone in the mainland with couplet hair division patristic title is pressing with a finger, the battalion that these company chip come from the mainland closes have certain proportion.

Country trade director Huang Zhipeng and association of Taiwan semiconductor industry (TSIA) director Huang Chongren led delegate of Taiwan semiconductor industry and expert to attend the joint meeting that holds in Lisbon a few days ago, the Chinese government that added GAMS 2006 did not lead a group to attend the annual meeting that holds in the United States last year, this year the tendercy of Chinese delegacy, suffer the outside to fix eyes upon fully.

As GAMS entrant, china is attended this with WSC joint meeting, make many openly response, trade bureau official says the state, the mainland already agreed to cooperate other member state, the freewill sex that has PFC complete fluoride reduces quantity plan; Notable be, the mainland still agrees to consider to add much chip semiconductor to avoid custom duty agreement.

Trade bureau represents the state, much chip semiconductor avoids custom duty agreement is to be complemental World Trade Organization (the product of electron of information of 0 custom duty that WTO) includes, it is the agreement below GAMS structure, the world closed Wu to organize ability 2007 to much chip semiconductor duty bugle call makes complete remarks, include European Union, United States, Japan, South Korea and our country currently, already all added much chip semiconductor to avoid custom duty agreement, this agreement already also was in in April 2006 become effective.

Mainland market business chance is infinite, include the GAMS member national capital such as Taiwan, United States to hope the mainland can add agreement of much chip semiconductor, although chinese mainland alleges much chip product already mostly duty-free, but because include limits to did not decide, if the government adds much chip semiconductor to avoid custom duty agreement, be equal to make sure custom duty of all and relevant product falls for 0, to semiconductor industry person it is a Daliduo.
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