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The quality with the product superintends energy-saving material to be strengthe
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Each main body should fulfill construction project strictly duty ensures project quality, if build a project to must purchase the energy-saving material with all ready of service mass qualification, formalities and product, construction unit (estate develops business) must not bright show or the suggestion uses the energy-saving material that does not accord with standard standard to ask and product; Design unit must not design the material that does not accord with standard standard and national explicit order to fall into disuse and product; Construction graph examines an orgnaization to should press the regulations that takes a picture to close, standard strictly to undertake energy-saving examine; Construction unit ought to is opposite the building that enters construction site is energy-saving material and product undertake probation, construction project uses the material that does not accord with a requirement and product, concerned branch must not be checked and accept through complete put on record.

" announcement " point out finally, want to strengthen sectional linkage, establish the lasting effect mechanism that builds energy-saving material and product quality to superintend, fulfil market credence classification to superintend, build service mechanism and public opinion to supervise reach assessment to evaluate a mechanism.

Henceforth, housing and ministry of urban and rural construction will use project of each district construction the quality circumstance of energy-saving material and product is brought into annual for a time construction domain is energy-saving the assessment content of the job that decrease a platoon, undertake be evaluatinged technically checking to its.

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