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Output of product of electron of Guangdong part high-tech is added force is powe

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Since this year, wide the eastpart part divides traditional industry product to suffer the element such as exit slow down to affect crop to appear to glide considerably, and the production of product of partial high-tech electron presents a high speed to grow impetus however.
Statistic shows, 1 to in August, crop of Guangdong mobile telephone, integrated circuit is eighty-four million three hundred and twenty-one thousand three hundred respectively, 7.391 billion, grow respectively compared to the same period 35.3% with 42.0% . Additional, complete province still produces electrograph one million eight hundred thousand one hundred, videocorder crop is one hundred and eighteen thousand five hundred, grow respectively compared to the same period 34.7% with 84.4% .
And output of product of electron of Guangdong part convention gives now to fall. Be like 1 to complete in August province phone crop is ninety-four million six hundred and forty-eight thousand six hundred, drop compared to the same period 6.8% .
Occupy the introduction additionally, basically change industrial industry again in Guangdong in, yield also appears the fall of older rate, present the momentum that gives mild growth. 1 to in August, capacity of treatment of Guangdong crude oil and ethylene crop mix one million three hundred and sixty-eight thousand nine hundred tons nineteen million five hundred and twenty thousand five hundred tons, grow 9.1% with 1.9% . Produce of all kinds car five hundred and eighty-one thousand seven hundred, grow 15.3% . Among them car 571 thousand, grow 16.3% . Information source:

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