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The inferior position of competition ability of international of Chinese electro

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Because company of information of Chinese native land electron and international are top-ranking transnational corporation difference is bigger, core base industry is fragile, industrial policy system is not perfect still wait, competition ability of international of Chinese electron Information Industry returns existence inferior position.
Ratio of photograph of top-ranking transnational corporation is apart from company of information of Chinese native land electron and international bigger
Evaluate competition ability of international of electronic Information Industry, main basis apanage principle, regard a whole as foreign capital enterprise of home, joint ventures, state-owned company and civilian battalion enterprise (domestic industry) undertake evaluating. And in fact, chinese electron is given priority to with foreign capital on Information Industry whole, make to its the evaluation of international competition ability has immanent drawback. Indigenous industry is the main carrier of a country and competition ability of region industry international, pass the comparative analysis of company of information of native land to China electron and international transnational corporation, can more comprehensive, more the competition ability that analyses Chinese electron Information Industry objectively.
Enterprise dimensions slants generally small
In recent years, although dimensions of business of key member of Chinese electron news expands ceaselessly, but photograph of as top-ranking as the whole world transnational corporation is compared, still have not little difference. Associating is Chinese electron information 100 strong bibcock companies, did business 2006 income achieves 138.9 billion yuan respectively, add up to 18.3 billion dollar about (by 1 dollar =7.7 yuan RMB convert) , although associate in those days,still not be the whole world 500 strong companies, but its dimensions exceeded " fortune " 500 strong bottom lines, 2007 year " fortune " the whole world 500 strong the business income of the 500th enterprise is 13.74 billion dollar. But associate very as bigger than still having as photograph of HP, IBM difference, business income is both respectively 20% with 19.8% , be not worth Dai Er's 1/3. Manufacturing industry of electron of Chinese Taiwan area has two enterprises to enter the whole world 500 strong, it is grand sea nicety respectively (28.35 billion dollar) and wide amount to the computer () of 14.9 billion dollar, the platoon mixes the 454th the 206th times of 500 strong companies in the whole world.
Gain capacity is total weaker
Gain ability is competition ability of reflective enterprise international most one of index of core. The total profit of 100 strong companies was Chinese electron information 2006 2.89 billion dollar, still be inferior to GOOGLE the profit of a company () of 3.08 billion dollar; Electronic information average profit margin is 100 strong companies only 2% , far under " fortune " 500 strong Sino-US countries electronic information company the level of 11.7% . Visible, company of Chinese electron information is global gain capability is not strong, as bigger as difference of top-ranking transnational corporation.
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