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Industry of our country current cable grows policy economy environment
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As “ electrified wire netting builds during 915 ” accelerate, and in recent years oneself of industry of cable of our country wire develops inaccessibly, its present a certain development characteristic in the respect such as policy, economy, technology, social security.
Industry of cable of our country wire grows environmental analysis
1. Policy environment
What move to assure electric power is safe, the country executes strict manufacturing system of licensing to the production of wire cable product, the enterprise must want to obtain countrywide industrial product to produce permissive office to issue " wire cable product produces licence " the manufacturing activity that ability undertakes wire cable product in Chinese churchyard, new attestation sign already was carried out at enforcing since May 1, 2003. In industrial policy respect, national hair changes appoint wove jointly with ministry of science and technology " great technology equipment develops the nation and major industry technology develops special program " , standing conference discusses the State Council and the principle was passed " a certain number of opinions that the State Council revitalizes equipment manufacturing industry about accelerating " , in order to promote the development of equipment manufacturing industry.
In the meantime, to advance the adjustment of industrial structure, national hair changes appoint decided with concerned division system " current share industry checks low-level repeat construction catalog " , besides special type cable and cable of 500KV above superhigh pressure, other build wire cable to make a project all belong to limitation kind, issue new manufacturing license no longer.
2. Economic environment
U.N. commerce and development conference released on September 5, 2007 2007 " commerce and progress report " in predict, world economy grew 3.4 % 2007, it is successive maintain growth momentum the 5th year. According to this report, china grew 10.5 % 2007, still be the whole world the rapiddest rate.
Current, national economy each crucial period that main branch is in equipment standard to upgrade, general high speed increases the yield that drove the great technology equipment that with generating electricity equipment is a delegate. The addition that uses n promoted the rapid development that electrified wire netting builds, promoted the rapid growth of wire cable industry thereby. In the meantime, of raw material price and price of the sources of energy rise to made an industry bring all-time cost pressure to wire cable ceaselessly.
3. Social environment
The European Union was announced on Feburary 13, 2003 " about in the electron certain and harmful material makes the taboo in electric equipment " and " discard as useless the electron is electric equipment dictates " , europe, beautiful, day developed country already taboo or cable of wire of entrance blame environmental protection, environmental protection problem is taken seriously increasingly. Although our country still does not have wire cable industry to draft national similar code, but partial center city has begun the operation. 2002, construction of village of Olympic Games of Beijing government commitment uses environmental protection data entirely. From 2002 the bottom begins, large public taboo is not the city such as Beijing, Shanghai cable of environmental protection wire. The branch such as railroad, communication also promulgated similar environmental protection to set, henceforth in a few years, branch of our country building, traffic, communication and big in power supply branch of the city will advance comprehensive taboo to be not cable of environmental protection wire stage by stage.
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