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Small-sized inductor has tremendous market potential
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As the development of electronic product miniaturization, the bulk of inductor already reduced physical limit. The development direction of prospective inductor is compositive change, inductor will combine complex module together with other schism parts of an apparatus, offer for the client facilitate use whole system. But current and character, still give priority to with miniaturization schism parts of an apparatus, should come true compositive change still have a paragraph of space.
Develop way to comply with future, each workmanship that big firm improves inductor ceaselessly, expand produce can, satisfy the market demand of constant growth.
As we have learned, small-sized inductor carries control of electron of TV of earphone of box, blue tooth, liquid crystal, car, industry on the head to wait for a domain in machine of mobile phone, number, application is wide, put in the market potential with tremendous move. Only piece type inductor, the market demand 2007 is achieved 3, 0 above, value makes an appointment with 30 billion yuan of RMBs.
In the meantime, in experienced instruction of RoHS environmental protection, raw material to rise in price after waiting for an influence, the price of small-sized inductor tends smooth, cause demand of small-sized inductor market to be climbed continuously litre, appeared the phenomenon that breach of produce and sale enlarges. To satisfy the market demand of constant growth, each big inductor production makes a manufacturer apply in the light of different market, rolled out of all kinds new product.
The small-sized inductor that is aimed at different applying the ceaseless fractionize as the market, appeared at present a variety of small-sized inductor that are aimed at specific application domain. In data system and industrial electron application, the demand of laden drop power source soars, the inductance that is high-power, small size brought development opportunity. Information source:

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