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China was not crop of crystal soft china to predict to will exceed 50 thousand t
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Recently, the center of information of guild of component of electron of China of —— of market research organization with famous industry of component of our country electron was rolled out newest " edition China was not competition of market of crystal soft china to study a report 2008 " , the report shows, 2010, our country is not crop of crystal soft china to will exceed 50 thousand tons.
Current, the development that is not crystal soft china is in fast growing phase, domestic and international demand also is in high crash long period. According to statistic of center of information of guild of Chinese electron component, china was not the crop of material of crystal soft china to exceed 9900 tons 2007, with current development the situation looks, according to conservative estimation, to 2010, home is not crop of material of crystal soft china to will exceed 50 thousand tons.
The alloy that be not brilliant is a kind when 60 time develop a success and enter actual application phase very quickly in 20 centuries new-style soft magnetism material, with traditional metallic magnetism data phase is compared, have guide high the character such as magnetism rate, small loss, it is good soft magnetism stuff, replace silicon steel, slope not the production transformer core such as alloy and ferrite, transformer, sensor, can increase transformer efficiency, contractible volume greatly, reduce weight, reduce specific power consumption. Because production process of blame brilliant alloy is energy-saving, its magnetism performance is good at the same time, can reduce transformer to use the loss in the process, because this is called green material and the material of 21 centuries.
Current, manufacturer of the world's biggest material of blame crystal soft china establishs a company for Japanese day, and the science and technology installing peaceful of our country also has very strong actual strength. Information source:

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