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MLCC future perspective is wide
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MLCC future demand can have very big growth, because consume electronic product measure and sort at present,be in mushroom, and the MLCC amount with these applicable products also is increasing substantially, for example flat TV uses the two MLCC of 3000 possibly, besides, at present the whole world returns know exactly about sth with 100 million plan jotter, PC, tremendous to the demand of MLCC also, the prospective space of MLCC is very so large, nevertheless tantalum capacitance future also has very good perspective, because a few application are like the medical treatment electron that mentions before us, green energy-saving industry and military affairs, spaceflight, industry, need high quality, tall voltage, high temperature resistant electric capacity, this needs tantalum electric capacity, its low ESR and other character are irreplaceable.
Enter as the whole world aged, and people is strengthened to healthy consciousness, medical treatment electron will have very good prospect, can drive the application of more capacitance parts of an apparatus, it is the demand that the trend with energy-saving green also can increase electric capacity additionally, for example, at present we hope illume needs besides contented function outside, the change that pays attention to the light to have light and shade and strong weak change, smooth lubricious changes in temperature and color even, content that be illuminated has stereo move result to wait, even lighting equipment has the characteristic such as macrobian life, efficient, energy-saving, safety, this is the place that capacitance can develop somewhat, for instance electronic ballast electroanalysises in-housely the service life that capacitance can affect ballast directly. These two trends not only happen in Europe, United States, also can happen in China, because Chinese mouth is numerous, use up in the sources of energy on very big also, china has made the whole world the 2nd great electric power consumes big country, be about to replace the United States to make the whole world the biggest electron consumes a country, china has many electronic facility, LCD, MP3 is waited a moment, the demand that reducing waste to improve efficiency is huge.

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