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Yunnan the aluminium in becoming the biggest copper machines base
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Use advanced technology according to “ , make the comprehensive strength of the enterprise especially cost competition ability ranks course of study of domestic person of the same trade the project fixed position of advanced level ” , in project of deep treatment of material of copper of 300 thousand tons of Yunnan casts aluminium postpartum, machine aluminous company's biggest in becoming copper base.
Aluminous company is had in in industry of aluminous Luoyang copper is limited company, medium industry of aluminous Shanghai copper is limited company, medium copperplate of aluminous big smelt metal takes limited company 3 copper process a business. The product is given priority to with copperplate belt, the yield that already built can have 130 thousand tons, in build produce can 220 thousand tons, aggregate 350 thousand tons, copperplate belt is produced can occupy home to have copperplate belt to always be produced about can 28 % . After base of deep treatment of Yunnan copper material builds, in becoming, aluminous company is in company of treatment of the 4th copper.
To Yunnan province, its area become southwest the passageway with onshore join southeast Asia, most convenient South Asia. According to statistic, belt of copper coin of southeast Asia country produces per year a quantity to be controlled in 30 thousand tons, year consumption is as high as 140 thousand tons of above, copperplate belt imports a quantity to be in completely 100 thousand tons of above. After copper of Yunnan of company of Chinese aluminous estate machines project building, the copper of content of hi-tech of Yunnan province development, high additional cost processes a project, farther outspread also got executive with perfect cupreous industry catenary. Information source:

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