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Electronic information industry: Span development route is in He Fang
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Recently, NantongMunicipal government forms a delegation inspected area of Suzhou industry garden and developing zone of Wu Jiang economy, saw be prosperous group, amount to 5 enterprises such as photoelectricity with naval vessel science and technology, friend, 28 days hold Information Industry of whole town electron to develop view and emulate to advance meeting. Where are Information Industry of our city electron and the difference of Su Na area, how will be the our city chased henceforth, span does type develop? Relevant branch chief and delegate of many 20 enterprise undertook reflection deep, discuss.
Where is difference
2007, information Industry of Nantong city electron realizes production value 41.16 billion yuan, grow 43.1% compared to the same period, occupy proportion of industry of whole town dimensions to achieve 10.2% ; And manufacturing industry of product of information of electron of Suzhou dimensions above realized production value last year 585.4 billion yuan, grow 22.5% compared to the same period. The our city on gross is not worth the odd of Suzhou, 1/8 what there also is Suzhou only on increment.
Information Industry of Nantong city electron starts later, contradiction of oneself structure sex still is highlighted, return the tide that Information Industry of incommensurate international electron develops. City classics trade appoint director Yang Yang thinks, difference basically is industrial dimensions not quite, go up newly on the low side of project investment intensity, content of science and technology is not high, drive a gender not apparent, exceed billion especially yuan in build project can be counted on one's fingers.
As we have learned, su Na area is saving sales revenue of electronic Information Industry to be occupied mediumly completely than achieving 90% above, the our city is in only in complete province proportion 3%-4% , and lack well-known company, brand and fist product.
A few companies that we see year sales revenue is in a few 100 million, a few 100 million, the total assets of company of an electron information, sale amount of a year, profit tax amount of a year is an our city almost the summation of all and congener enterprise. City classics trade appoint citing of vice director Du Yongchao, be prosperous group year sales revenue achieves 7 billion yuan, with naval vessel science and technology total investment exceeds 1.6 billion dollar. What these enterprises produce is overall product, and we or component, be in the extreme of industrial catenary. He says, elder brother hill already formed the exit that gives priority to with electronic Information Industry to machine garden of industry of high new developed area of mountain of area, elder brother, photoelectricity, collect an enterprise at present 580, production value amounted to 23.8 billion yuan last year. And the our city is current company of electronic Information Industry is only 274, distributing in 6 counties (city) 3 areas, look from whole more scattered, concentration is spent not tall, the product is add the cost is low.
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