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How will electronic Information Industry walk out of low-level production mode
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Suffer international the sources of energy, resource to rise in price, the RMB appreciates and the country is macroscopical the influence such as adjusting control policy, near future of improvement trade company issues “ day in succession the deep feeling of uneasy ” , more partial company stop production closes down.
In Information Industry of our country electron, improvement trade enterprise occupies 70% above, long-term the “ low-level ” since creates pattern, bring about the profit space of manufacturing industry of electronic information product to be compressed greatly.
Since this year, the RMB appreciates to already amounted to 6% above to the dollar. Calculate according to industry and informatization ministry, every raise exchange rate a percent, the operation cost of improvement trade enterprise will rise 0.5 to come 0.8 percent. Statistic shows, only the RMB appreciates one, electronic information industry reduces our country first half of the year income amounts to 26 billion yuan.
“ all-time pressure also is the greatest power that product of information of our country electron walks out of ‘ low-level ’ to create pattern. Old since, information Industry of our country electron formed fixed capital and technology to accumulate, had the base that improves development administrative levels and development quality and requirement. Be in charge of a branch as the government, we will guide and encourage an enterprise to strengthen own innovation, improve product composition, promote a product additional cost. ” industry and Xiao Hua of director of department of information of informatization ministry electron say 27 days.
As we have learned, industry and informatization ministry will increase the own brand that breeds influential strength this year, enhance an enterprise to fight risk ability; Drive combination and cooperation are strengthened between the enterprise, optimize the asset that put an amount, cultivate industry of the bibcock inside the industry, form big company to be the industrial system of form a complete set of dominant, medium and small businesses; Encourage the company that has actual strength invests external and cross a country to manage, abroad on the spot sets factory production, in risk of exchange rate of the avoid on certain level; Accelerate software and development of news service line of business, form manufacturing industry of electronic information product and news service line of business to coordinate interactive development phase.
In the meantime, the government sector still will perfect government of electronic information industry, increase program, policy and standard guidance strength, begin major problem research, build favorable policy environment hard; Use law, economy, technology and necessary administrative method integratedly, increase electronic market to superintend strength, behavior of normative market competition.
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