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Macroscopical economy pressure makes consume electronic product to be benefited
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In economic situation adventitious and during fuel cost soares, consumer likes to leave home it seems that a few closer. Although compare tight budget to may affecting journey and tourism, but consumer continues to be a family or individual utility will buy electronic product, because a lot of families are likely more apt is waited for in the home, is not to go out go vacationing.

This lets consume electronic manufacturer be overjoyed, they saw homeward front courtyard and those plan to wait for the consumer in the home to promote the good opportunity of the product. Change a number to the element such as broadcast and shopkeeper sales promotion inside time limit in Broadcasting Corporation of demand of government of price fall, United States drive below, digital TV (DTV) market flourishing.

Game industry also is growing flourishingly, game software and fittings sale achieve a record, arouse consumer once more the interest to sport plane. The OEM factory of sport plane is average sale price (ASP) is rising ceaselessly, this is one of consumptive electron territories with the not much number that has this kind of tendency.

DTV enters a family

Although a lot of consumer may not know high-definition (what does HD) represent after all in technical respect, but they know they want apparently high-definition. DTV factory shipment estimates rapid growth, predict 2012 will from 2007 117.7 million rise 252.7 million, compound year of increase rate for 16.5% .

The graph is shown 1 times for ISuppli company about 2007-2012 year the volume of OEM factory shipment of global DTV is forecasted, include liquid crystal TV, plasma TV, back to cast TV and digital CRT TV among them.

The ingredient that makes people change a number to TV includes: Flat TV price falls in the round; The United States will stop imitate telecast 2009, along with area of other of later ages bound also follow-up; It is better that the picture pledges; High-definition content grow in quantity, include La Guang DVD and high-definition video order programme (VOD) ; Flat over all dimension is more inviting, attract more customer; TV of modern ” of a “ is placed in living room, let a person feel satisfied.
ISuppli company forecasts the semiconductor sale in DTV domain to will grow nearly one times before 2012, rise to 14.4 billion dollar from the 8.4 billion dollar 2007, compound year of increase rate for 11.4% . Logistic and special IC will own the largest share in these DTV semiconductor, its sale will rise to 4.5 billion dollar from the 3 billion dollar 2007 2012.

Sport plane plays more jump over fire

Although the United States and economy of global other region put delay, but sport machine market continues to grow strong. Business income of factory of sport plane OEM soared than 2006 2007 85% , speed is breathtaking. 2008 first quarter, business income is compared the corresponding period grew 19% 2007. ISuppli company predicts, the factory shipment of sport plane was measured 2012 will from 2007 48.7 million rise 61.5 million, compound year of increase rate for 4.8% .
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