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Dc sticks a capacitor market to forecast
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As a result of dcStick a capacitanceImplement crop continues with annual the rate of 15% rises, because this assumes,continueing to carry such growth rate before 2010 is reasonable. Although heart Er poors,calculate a standard forecasting is such, but Jin Sifa of Zhan of Bo Kesi — advanced forecast a technology to also show, this isFilm capacitorMarket lieutenant general preserves the only field of growth. Prime cause is as follows:

The of 92% dc that at present the whole world producesFilmy capacitanceImplement use radial lead or axial down-lead design. AndCapacitance of pottery and porcelainImplement andTantalum capacitanceImplement wait for other dielectric criterion to it contrary, among them the crop of 90% is the surface is stuck outfit, having 10% only is axes or radial down-lead design. Dc is filmyCapacitorsister market —— is aluminousElectroanalysisThe growth rate of capacitor to it close, also having similar change at present, v-chip aluminous capacitor is replacing older radial down-lead product.

From the point of structural respect, the direct current that uses PEN, PPS and PET is filmyStick a capacitorIt is to did not grow a product basically it seems that. Down-lead kind capacitor, basically be radial down-lead capacitor, general film capacitor of 5 millimeter PET, X and capacitor of Y radial down-lead will drop, use at CRT demagnetizationCircuitcommunication and pulse market also are such, because supplier of this most film capacitor is in dedicated stick a capacitor at film, because this is the domain with prospective the rapiddest growth. Sell the price level of business by cent, the price of NPO pottery and porcelain will be occupiedSmd is stuck piece
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