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Did not come 10 years
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At present soft magnetism material already made national economy the functional material with each indispensable domains, plus as news report of mobile communication, network gain ground quickly and of 3G communication business begin, 3G mobile phone and fixed picturephone will be swift and violent grow.
At present big in vendibility already exceeded ground of TV of urban land flat traditionally CRT TV, become prospective television product to develop ground tendency, this has tall magnetism to those conductance, low lack fidelity, broadband the contemporary communication that waits for character and flat monitor used material of ferrite of manganese zinc soft magnetism to provide vast market space. Authoritative orgnaization is forecasted, future is 10 years high frequency low the golden age that communication of lack fidelity, 3G and flat monitor use material of ferrite of manganese zinc soft magnetism to develop, its are added fast will maintain in 30 % above. Information source:

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