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Global chip industry all the way fatigued and weak
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Reuter report, study advisory company Gartner expressed a few days ago, global chip demand will not appear before 2010 rebound. Global chip industry all the way fatigued and weak hold all the time 2010.

This company predicts battalion of global semiconductor industry restrained growth 2008 4.2% to 285 billion dollar, under its place of the 2nd season beforehand the 287 billion dollar of appraise.

The company predicts the fatigued and weak rate according to American economy, ji Jin will be counted in future one foot falls beforehand appraise value.

Global chip market rose 3.8% 2007, total battalion closes be as high as 274 billion dollar.

In the semiconductor of the 14th whole world that Gartner holds at Singapore the way develops annual meeting to go up, analyst John Barber addresses say: “2008 year first half of the yearElectronThe terminal market demand of the product is very moderate, but Taiwan trade report shows, semiconductor market situation is worsening. ”

He says: We should be opposite “ second half of the year reached extremely fatigued and weak first half of the year 2009 market ready-made 2008. The way of future that anabiosis may be very hard. ” he is compensatory say, this industry may begin rally first half of the year 2010.

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