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Home electroanalysises aluminous industry analysis
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As we have learned, at present home electroanalysises the average power consumption of aluminous industry is 14500~15000 kilowatt hour / ton, electroanalysis the aluminous price that use phone is in on average 0.36~0.4 yuan / kilowatt hour. Every kilowatt hour raises money 5 minutes, electroanalysis to home for aluminous enterprise, be equivalent to cost of every tons of production increasing more than 700 yuan.
Of domestic alumina price on of tone and electrovalency privilege policy cancel, impact of cost of aluminous to electroanalysising production is bigger, generate the profit of future of aluminous to electroanalysising industry bigger impact even, the aluminium in be not especially fastens electroanalysis aluminous factory, basically depend on merchandise on hand of international market alumina to supply, the cost pressure that face is greater. And on the other hand, supplying excess pressure to fall, home electroanalysises aluminous market performance is exhausted weak, what spot price already dropped to nearly two years to come is low-level, home electroanalysises space of gain of aluminous industry whole is compressed considerably, a few in small aluminous company is adjacent already maintain this small profit margin.
Although the country increased the adjusting control strength to aluminous industry, especially " condition of aluminous industry admittance " come on stage will accelerate aluminous industry structural adjustment, domestic aluminous company is faced with reshuffle, long-term in light of, home electroanalysises aluminous industry is in experienced in last few years considerably after dilate, produce can considerably outspread impetus hopeful gets alleviating, china is forecasted to be in inside course of study the only import state that around may become aluminium afresh 2010. However, suffer produce this year can release an influence further, home electroanalysised 2008 the possibility that aluminous output increases to put delay significantly is very little. Future a paragraph of period, domestic aluminous industry still should face a such problems, namely home market is supplied superfluous the exit suffocate suffocate that adjusts place to bring about with custom duty policy, this is a problem that domestic aluminous company should face. It is to electroanalysis at the same time rise of aluminous production cost apparently, the abidance that across is spot market price is low fan with slant apparently empty custom duty policy, and the main area environment that begs for be more than, these are in it seems that make clear, did not come one year, home electroanalysises the day of aluminous enterprise will step forward dimension difficult.
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