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Development of market of global car electron is newest forecast
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According to association of Chinese electron component report of newest recently market shows, market of global car electron will last healthy growth, future inside 5 years, market of global car electron year average increase rate predicts to will achieve 9 % . Market sale predicts to will reach 114.5 billion dollar this year, to 2013 market dimensions predicts to will reach 173.7 billion dollar.
This report is opposite of market of prospective car electron in forecasting, think, place of product of subclass of car spending report occupies market share to will drop from the 27.8 % 2007 the 21 % 2013, automobile body electron and safe system place occupy market share to predict to will rise. At present market share already exceeded system of automobile body electron 15 % , predict to will carry year of compound increase rate of 7 % .
It is reported, drove last year the market sales revenue of support system is 13.4 billion dollar, predict to will reach 32.9 billion dollar 2013, because this will make the car electron product with the rapiddest growth. This kind of product basically includes electronic control to change direction wait for a system, main firm has heart accept, Maigena and day accept gram.
This market report still shows, with the mixture closely related car electron motivation and replace fuel technique, it is to came 2008 the fractionize market with the too won't high sales revenue between 2013. Notable is, the growth space of this fractionize market is very large. The ceaseless progress of the dependence that reduces pair of gasoline engine ceaselessly as car manufacturer and technology of new energy resources, the sales volume that mixture motivation etc replaces car of the sources of energy will grow ceaselessly. Because mix dynamical car to be depended on to electronic pilot taller than traditional car, improve ceaselessly as mixture motivation technology reach production cost to be reduced ceaselessly, future of this electron market may obtain rapidder development. Information source:

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