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Our country wiring harness developed a tendency 2008
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Because show level demand of domestic and international market is driving, wiring harness industry presents rapid development state. As a lot of joint ventureses in succession emerge in large numbers, the world-class that our country is expected to become wiring harness makes a center. Drive in communication, IT and the market that consume electronic respect below, industry of our country wiring harness appears a driving growth momentum, at present enterprise of domestic wiring harness has many 1000 about, basically be located in the province city such as Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Fujian. The personage inside course of study is analysed, crop of our country wiring harness can achieve billion 2008, according to forecasting, the market demand of wiring harness will still continue to climb litre, its amplitude hopeful achieved 30 % 2008. The expert expresses, the technical development trend of our country wiring harness is tall nicety, Gao Naiwen and tall sealing, our company had had production each norms production and technical capability. Rely on the demand of sexual wiring harness to Gao Ke to satisfy an user, production of company wiring harness is developing nicer link to develop a technology.
Current, the market of main export target of our country wiring harness is Euramerican with southeast Asia area, although these areas get the influence of economic crisis, but domestic company still holds hope to exporting a situation 2008, predicting exit increase rate will achieve 10 % left and right sides. Information source:

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