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Talk again this year world semiconductor market
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According to SIA (American semiconductor association) statistic, the sale of world semiconductor grew 2.8% than April this year in May, but grow 7.7% compared to the same period than May 2007, amount to 21.8 billion dollar. This is after growing 9.7% compared to the same period in January 2007 first, and grow 5.3% compared to the same period from the computation of accumulative total sale of 1~5 month, amount to 103.4 billion dollar. Accordingly, the foreground confidence of course of study of SIA half-and-half conductor has add, the possibility that thinks to forecast annual to grow 4.3% formerly more than is very large. Investigate its grow former by, as a result of,basically be China. The consumptive electron demand of the developing country such as South America, India is ardent.

Watch American market instead, although have,should be aimed at second lend an issue those who return income tax lift consume in order to close to, but American market is in actually slow subsidise. According to SIA analysis, the United States occupies the half above of demand of global home appliance previously, already fell nowadays 1/4 the following. Before long previously, 31% what the United States still takes world PC sales volume, si drops now 21% ; Sales volume of mobile phone of the United States 5 years ago takes the whole world 21% , now Si is occupied only 13% . It is sales promotion semiconductor so, people needs to develop new market undoubtedly.

World of make a comprehensive view is overall the market, predict world PC sells value general this year from last year 9.6% fall slightly 8.6% , and the sale of relevant semiconductor goes against the raise on situation, from last year 0.9% rise 5.3% , accordingly, although consume an electron to grow the space is larger, anticipate will grow 5.9% this year, but the brunt application of semiconductor still is in PC, the future has only. But certainly will of equipment of world wired communication drops, the wireless communication facility that includes a mobile telephone inside also the growth from last year 11.1% slow down reach 8.2% , wireless communication is met subsequently with semiconductor from last year grow 2.4% to drop microlitre 1.6% . Sales volume of world integrated circuit predicts this year the growth from last year 11% reduce growth 8% , under the level that 10% above increase commonly since 2001, but the growth that always rises to still be health. In the meantime, the average sale price of integrated circuit will drop 1% is not 2% what anticipate. Altogether, world semiconductor market is goodish this year, it is OK to still calculate.
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