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Home electroanalysises aluminous industry is lucky be current
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Aluminous output of eye preexistence kingdom many tons 2000, crop and consumption are next to iron and steel. Electroanalysis aluminium comes by alumina smelt, main cost is alumina and report. As semifinished product, its crop and price the growth rate of aluminous demand of be enslaved to be enslaved to. Our country is aluminous consumption big country, also be resource entrance big country at the same time. Electroanalysis in the near future need sue for peace aluminously to supply and cost will produce bigger change, home electroanalysises aluminous industry will face quite great development opportunity accordingly. Although partial change may be temporary, but its are affected will be far-reaching, home electroanalysises pawn of carry of aluminous industry letter.
The aluminous consumption country with the biggest whole world is the United States, occupy 1/4 about, china occupies 13 % , japan occupies 10 % , germany occupies 7 % . These a few countries occupy the 55 % of global consumption. Closely related global aluminous demand and the economic situation of afore-mentioned countries. The country with aluminous spending the rapiddest growth is China, grow 14.1 % , other Asia country also has the growth of 11.8 % , latin America area grows 11.2 % , economy grows slow Japan, growth also has 4.5 % . The growth of aluminous demand basically depends on the China, Asia outside dividing Japan and Latin America. These area economic situation and the relationship that aluminous demand increases are more close.
American economy may put delay, japanese economy still stagnant, may affect aluminium to consume demand. But because in recent years aluminium consumes growth to basically come from Chinese Asia (Japanese except) and Latin America area, latin America and southeast Asia economy may suffer be a burden on of beautiful day economy, not Anacreontic to aluminous spending growth, chinese economy incremental ratio is more independent, predicting China basically helps those who make aluminous spending market motive force. The consumptive growth of domestic aluminium maintains higher level all the time. Domestic potential demand is very big, and closely related actual demand and national economy, with the existence between GDP growth definite correlation is spent.
Aluminium regards important nonferrous metal as raw material, apply already extensively at each domains of national economy, along with home building, car, electric power, electric, food packs the development that waits for an industry, aluminous dosage stabilizes growth. Global average per capita year bad news is aluminous 5 kilograms, developed country average per capita year bad news is aluminous 25 kilograms, bad news of our country average per capita is aluminous 1.5 kilograms, our country aluminium consumes growth to have larger space. Information source:

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