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NEC joins IBM chip alliance to combine tiny chip of new generation of research a

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On September 12 message, according to foreign media coverage, japanese NECElectronCompany week 4 announce, tiny chip of as new as research and development of combination of IBM and other company generation, develop cost in order to resolve high specified number.

According to foreign media coverage, chip manufacturer is being reached with respect to contractible chip bulk raise chip performance side to undertake a joint efforts, still be in at the same time endeavor to reduce production cost, reduce chip price.

NEC will be the 8th manufacturer that joins IBM chip alliance, this allied member includes semiconductor of law of SamSung electron, Toshiba, meaning, Ying Feiling, fly the Er that think of card and concessionary semiconductor.

This alliance shows, they will be before 2010 joint development and production give chip of 32 accept rice.

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