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Vishay rolls out high accuracy Power
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Vishay announces to roll out surface of BulkMetal of a new-style high accuracy to stick outfit PowerMetalStrip resistor---CSM2512S, maintain below the condition that this resistor can reach 70 ℃ in rated power be as long as 2, stability of ±0.05% laden life, 25 ℃ are reached to consult the absolutely TCR of ±15PPM/ ℃ comes true below temperature condition to 125 ℃ in –55 ℃ , and the tolerance that has ±0.1% .

Does Vishay roll out high accuracy Power? Metal? Strip resistor

General electric flu measures resistor to be in 1, the laden life stability below condition of 000 hours of working load is ≥0.5% . The resistor stability of CSM2512S gets improvement, make its become stability to ask strict cent controls the ideal option that reachs accurate report flu to measure a situation, apply to switch linear amplifier of power source, power, measure instrument, bridge network and medical treatment and test equipment. In addition, CSM2512S accords with EEE-INST-002(MIL-PRF55342 and MIL-PRF49465) standard, apply to military affairs and aviation domain.

CSM2512S is used solder completely structure, by the composition of BulkMetal resistor element that contains copper facing terminal. Resistor element is to be used at consuming power equably, with overheat the point drops to lowest. Resistor element can be as compatible as plumbic material, hot EMF of as a result is inferior, it is 3μV/ ℃ only.

CSM2512S opens Er fragrance to design the rated power that 1 tile can provide in configuration to reach in 4 terminal amount to 18A the biggest electric current, and raised accuracy. Come in resistor limits 10mΩ between 100mΩ , can realize the aleatoric value of aleatoric tolerance, and need not additional cost.

Already can offer sample of resistor of CSM2512S high accuracy and batch production at present, the cycle offerring money of sample is 72 hours, and the cycle offerring money of standard order is 3 weeks.

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