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American power world will appear on the market the inductor of big electric curr
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Semiconductor of American power world will appear on the market big electric current is small-sized inductor “IHLP-2020BZ-01” . Over all dimension is 5.49mm×5.18mm×2.0mm, can work inside the frequency limits of the biggest 5MHz. Basically use at personal computer, portable terminal, car to carry equipment and Point Of Load (POL) wait with DC-DC converter.
Inductance limits is 0.1μ ~ 10μH, inductance is concessional the error all is ±20 % . Limits of resistor of the biggest dc is 3.9m ~ 199mΩ . Saturated electric current is 4 ~ 45A. Although have big transient state electricity,pulse also can be not saturated condition to handle.
Working temperature limits is - 125 ℃ of 55 ~ . Already began a quantity to produce now for goods. The consign when batch is ordered period for 10 ~ 12 weeks. Information source:

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