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EPCOS development goes compact model big electric current piece type inductor se
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Aipukesi (EPCOS) development goes the most compact small-sized inductor, its are 1 millimeter only highly, take up area only 2.0×2.0 square millimeter. The inductance limits of B82466G0* series uprights at 0.5 to 22μH, saturated electric current is highest for 1.6A. B82467G0* and B82469G1* series dimension are 2.6×2.8×1.0 cubic millimeter and millimeter of 3.8×3.6×1.2 cubic metre respectively, its saturation electric current is highest for 3.0A. The design of the product is highest working temperature can amount to 125 ℃ . Component is magnetism screen model, and accord with RoHS.
This kind of inductor can use as in mobile electron equipment of compact DC/DC converter store can mix flowing choke. Information source:

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