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Vishay pushs first the 5th acting high-powered 45V diode of Xiao Te radical
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A few days ago, vishayIntertechnology, inc. (code name of NYSE stock market: VSH) announce to roll out the biggest bear lukewarm the industry head money that is as high as 175°C is new-style the Five Dynasties (Gen.5.0) high-powered 45V Xiaoteji diode. 30CTT045 and 60CPT045 parts of an apparatus are based on inferior micron groove technology, can offer super- low to pressure fall and small retrorse leakage current, can make design personnel to raise car etc high temperature to apply medium power density thereby.

Vishay pushs first the 5th acting high-powered 45V diode of Xiao Te radical

The diode of these two Xiao Te radical that rolled out a few days ago is had when 125°C super- low the biggest to pressure fall, to 2x30A60CPT045, the model when 30A to pressure reduce at 0.50V, to 2x15A30CTT045, the model when 15A to pressure reduce at 0.50V. These two parts of an apparatus all are had when 125°C exceed small retrorse leakage current, it is 5mA and 2mA respectively, and parameter distributings very compact. These two parts of an apparatus all provided optimized VF and IR balance, can achieve taller systematic efficiency.

30CTT045 and 60CPT045 all shed sub commutate continuously to communicate, stimulate amplifier of class of protection of type, step-down and step up converter, half bridge, retrorse batteries, follow on current, D instead, and dc undertook optimizing to dc module application. The typical terminal product that application involves includes SMPS of high power density; Table computer adapter; Driver of server, car and control equipment; Consume kind of electron product, for example PDP, LCD and efficient frequency system; Mobile electron product, for example notebook computer, mobile phone and portable media player.

To designing staff, these new-style parts of an apparatus are used those who accord with RoHS is small-sized enclose, ameliorable cost power comsumption is compared, and have RBSOA, can realize compact low cost design. 30CTT045 uses TO-220 to enclose, and 60CPT045 uses TO-247 to enclose.

Stable tall puncture voltage (57V of general prep above) can get used to voltage peak value and optimize power density, in these diode, power density increased 25% . Hard usage of these two parts of an apparatus, its fought retrorse avalanche ability to rise 40% , the component when the avalanche is attainable complete screen, and switch loss is dinky.

Current, the sample of new-style 30CTT045 and 60CPT045 and quantity produce batch to already can be offerred, the cycle offerring money of a large amount of order is 6 ~ 8 weeks.

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