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High-pressured switch report touchs aluminous tellurium of head copper tungsten
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Company of rocket of culmination of Shaanxi of dispatch of network of Chinese spaceflight news uses cupreous tungsten aluminous tellurium to obtain Chengdu country light at present from the high-pressured vacuum switch that project approving of second half of the year developed 2006 of electric Inc. approbate, already passed type test (12KV400A) is divided approve 6 times for goods many pairs 800, this indicates development of the technology that touch a head is on a report of culmination rocket company a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position.
Cupreous tungsten aluminous tellurium regards high-pressured vacuum contactor as material, cut shedding cost is low, be close to AgWC, electric life is long, low-cost, far under AgWC, be replace silver-colored carbonization tungsten replace data, abroad uses the silver-colored carbonization tungsten with high price more, this product has wide market perspective in home.
Company of Shaanxi culmination rocket is particular material cent factory is begged in market crack live, advocate battalion product is high-pressured switch uses tungsten ooze copper, of support is 4 courtyards of company of total courtyard of research of Beijing iron and steel and group of spaceflight science and technology what joint development obtains a country to invent second-class award is high temperature resistant project of tungsten ooze copper, companies of 41 data of 4 triumphant special type were in spaceflight 1996 peculiar tungsten ooze copper is used on the foundation of this project technology, touch infiltration technology and report head data phase is united in wedlock, have on original larynx line and base of technology of helm burning gas bigger improve, make tungsten copper material has in hardness, density, conductance bigger rise, microcosmic organization satisfies metallographic high-pressured vacuum requirement. Company of Shaanxi culmination rocket is particular material cent factory builds a product line, 70% what at present the tungsten copper production of this factory already took market of domestic vacuum switch.
Current, on the west report east send, 3 gorge project, farming net transforms many foundation to build a project in the country the support of macroscopical policy falls, make high pressure is defeated change the development that electric industry gets advance rapidly, production value from 2006 6.64 million rise 2007 10.5 million. Company of Shaanxi culmination rocket is particular material distinguishs a works arouse one's all efforts to make the country prosperous, welcome the development opportunity of market prospect light.
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