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Vishay rolls out Bulk of new-style VSA101 axial
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A few days ago, vishay rolls out resistor of foil of Bulk Metal Z of new-style VSA101 axial, the to freeboard precision resistor demand in aiming to rely on sexual application to be satisfied in Gao Ke. This new-style parts of an apparatus is in 60 ℃ of 0 ℃ ~ and - 125 ℃ of 55 ℃ ~ (25 ℃ referenced temperature) the outstanding PCR of the ±5 Ppm when the low absolutely TCR that ±0.05 Ppm/ ℃ and ±0.2 Ppm/ ℃ have respectively inside temperature limits, rated power (“ΔR, because heat oneself ” ) , the tolerance of ±0.005% , and the laden life stability of ±0.005% .

Technology of this ” of revolutionary “Z foil that new-style resistor is based on Vishay, this skill is great reduced electronic component to change to surroundings (TCR) and applied power change (the susceptibility of PCR) . With other any resistor technology photographs are compared, z foil technology raises stability an amount level, can make design personnel to ensure thereby pinpoint accuracy comes true in securing resistor application.

The construction of VSA101 includes silicon balata to enclose, should enclose the influence that can make resistor component relieves the stress outside sufferring, its moulding crust provided the protection of the oldest rate, can answer all environment circumstance. This are new parts of an apparatus is the signal adjustment that uses at the following respect and amplifier of high accuracy appearance only and undertook optimizing: Include medical treatment, test and measure, the high reliability product that stability exceeds in military affairs, aviation, lab, bore and high-end stereo equipment.

Through standard of numerous freeboard precision is united in wedlock in a parts of an apparatus, VSA101 can make design personnel to achieve higher performance. VSA101 has stability of ±0.002% laden life when 70 ℃ , rated power; The rated power of the 0.3 W when 125 ℃ ; Under the low voltage coefficient of 0.1 PPM/V; Under - the voltaic noise of 40 DB, and the hot EMF of 0.05 μV/ ℃ . This resistor has the fast rise time of 1.0 Ns, do not have ringing at the same time, and use do not have inductance (<0.08 μH) , design without capacitance.

This parts of an apparatus has highest ESD to fight faze sex, can endure the electrostatic discharge of 25kV above, because this has higher reliability. Inside the resistor limits of 5Ω ~ 100 KΩ , through need not adding the calibration of charge can obtain the parts of an apparatus that has any any tolerance, resistance.

Current, the sample of resistor of VSA101 freeboard precision and quantity produce batch to already can be offerred, the cycle offerring money of sample is 72 hours, standard order is 3 weeks. Information source:
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