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Special lucky be an official rolls out detector of voltage of XCM410 series two-
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Special the two-way voltage detector that company limited of semiconductor of lucky be an official developed XCM410 set and formation compositive chip. XCM410 series is to be in to enclose detector of voltage of series of the XC6108 that electricity of two high accuracy, low consumption carries in package, XC6109 and formation fact assembles chip.
Working voltage limits is 1.0V ~ 6.0V, stock VSEN and VIN two voltage detect the terminal that cite a base, can become independent each other ground interiorly set detects voltage, can offer the calm product that the client asks.
Because of VSEN terminal and power source | Manostat input terminal becomes independent each other, when although be in,the voltage that monitor is 0V, also can maintaining voltage detects condition (low output) .
In addition, VSEN terminal and break up resistor join, the job of prep above IC also can undertake detecting when voltage. Because use small-sized enclose package SOT-25, be helpful for saving a space. Information source:

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