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ST pushs the power MOSFET that 250A surface installs newly, have lowest to guide
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Meaning law semiconductor (the power MOSFET that ST) announces to roll out surface of a 250A to install, new product STV250N55F3 connects resistor according to weighing those who have the minimum on the market to guide, the loss that can change power falls to lowest, and can promote systematic property.
New product STV250N55F3 is first union ST PowerSO-10TM encloses the power MOSFET with Ribbon Bonding technology, have extremely low enclose resistor rate without naked brilliant. New product uses the high density STripFET III of ST to make Cheng, the model guides electrify block is Europe of 1.5 fine long hair only. The other advantage of STripFET III includes ︰ switch loss low reach fight the ability that break down. Come loose besides promotion outside thermal efficiency, the source of 9 lines extremely join configuration still conduces to reduce resistance. When 25 ℃ , enclosed rated power is 300W.
The tall rated electric current of new product can allow an engineer to design the MOSFET of many paralell connection, achieve the goal that saves circuit board space and cost of material. Standard drive threshold value still conduces to simplify the design of drive circuit. STV250N55F3 applies to the application that is as high as 55V.
The working temperature that is as high as 175 ℃ makes STV250N55F3 applies to the power traction equipment of tall electric current, if pile expensive machine, golf,the car is mixed dynamoelectric pull board car and mower, electric wheelchair and dynamoelectric bicycle to wait. New product is passed in brilliant circle and finished product phase of 100% break down test, can ensure the dependability of chip and firm sex.
Be in same a series product, ST still has the product STV200N55F3 of a 55V, the rated and successive draw water of this product extremely electric current is 200A, and extremely online configuration is its source 4 lines. STV250N55F3 sample already was supplied in, predict 2008 the 3rd season begins a quantity to produce. Information source:

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