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Applied material rolls out technology of barrier layer of memory chip copper
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Applied data company rolls out Applied Endura® Extensa™ PVD (deposit of physical gas phase) system, this is industry is in exclusively inferior the system that the film of crucial barrier layer of interconnection of copper of chip of memory of 55 accept rice has a quantity to produce value in deposit craft. The Ti/TiN engineering technology with Extensa unique system makes diffuse a flight of stairs that holds back film to have high level is enclothed rate, rectify the inhomogenous sex <3% of a ply of the film on silicon chip. With other compare with the systematic photograph of level competitor, it has least blemish and cost of lower bad news material.
Vice president of applied data company holds Prabu Raja of general manager of department of metallic deposit product concurrently to express: “ is spent as a result of the tall voltage of location and high density collect enclose a requirement, in memory parts of an apparatus use copper material needs to answer the challenge with filmy to be in integrated unique respect. Mill business is using new pad / barrier layer plan, make full use of with having the kind of cost effectiveness most the advantage of cupreous material. What Extensa passed the only system solution of test and verify to realize these keys with its is new-style diffuse the high-powered conformity of barrier layer, help memory production manufacturer reachs the manufacturing good people with the higher implementation on less technology node to lead in 32 accept rice. ”
The Extensa system that uses data firm has excellent performance, and had been inside the factory of many clients get test and verify. These excellent performance originate the multinomial PVD that Ti/TiN deposit reacts antrum place is used (deposit of physical gas phase) the technology innovates. PVD of new-style double magnet (chemical gas phase
Deposit) the appliance of side direction electromagnetism of source pole has flux plastics function, can offer unapproachable a flight of stairs to enclothe rate, can be in the atomic control of ≥0.12μm 10 the following. The cause that has patent extremely the use efficiency that the technology also improved deposit data, prolonged the service life of target material 30% . In addition, the tool of reaction antrum covers a CleanCoat™ technology that includes to own patent, can undertake maintenance the job and atomic control conveniently.
Extensa technology conformity is on platform of very successful Endura of applied data company, it can offer Ti/TiN deposit solution, the two technologies transition that is memory provides support: One is in cupreous barrier layer / brilliant is planted layer application is useful barrier layer of titanium radical dielectric replaces tantalum; Another is to use copper - aluminium and copper - tungsten diffuses the provides cost effectiveness most conformity that barrier layer will come to realize copper and aluminous layer and tungsten a narrow passage providing the only means of access to a certain place.
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