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EPCOS is pushed use at high accuracy medical thermometer NTC thermal resistor
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Aipukesi (what EPCOS) produces is new-style can abandon type thermometer to have precision tall (be as high as ±0.1K) and answer rapid (7s) characteristic. When be being used at measuring patient temperature, the operation is simple, quick. The technology of designs maturity of concept profit from pottery and porcelain that can abandon type sensor, namely chip type loses temperature coefficient (NTC) thermal resistor, used at the same time obtain American food and management board of medicines and chemical reagents (the material that FDA) approbates, wait like polypropylene, and uses new technology. Use NTC chip and cupreous lead silver-colored oar photograph to join through microtherm craft, but the impedance drift of the NTC thermal resistor that utmost ground reduces craft to cause. Use other connection technology, be like stannic solder or solder, cannot achieve such result. The noise that the biggest advantage that can abandon type thermometer is it is in season very short. If use traditional method to shorten,measure time, must pass forecast a method complexly, conclude give a patient to expect temperature. Aipukesi's solution does not need such doing. Accordingly, need not pay additional electronic facility cost.
Aipukesi has been developed piece can repeat used thermometer, use at be being measured for long, if monitor the infantile temperature in the patient temperature in operation process or foster-mother. The characteristic of this product is precision tall, well-set can endure circular disinfection. It can disinfect 20 minutes in 121 ℃ or 4 minutes are disinfected in 134 ℃ , its loop service life is 100 for many times. Love what Pukesi uses to note model to shape the technology makes sure the product has good fighting wet sex. Under photograph comparing, what traditional fill seals the sensor system that the technology produces is impermeable inferior. Another its advantage is the cable that used double insulation and tall flexibility, its insulation impedance exceeds 100MΩ , when the temperature that measures skin surface, function is reliable. Information source:

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