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Japanese development gives the world most diode of glow of high-power deep ultra
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Recently, the diode of glow of deep ultraviolet ray with the greatest power on the world before the electrical engineering researcher below institute of Japanese manage chemistry and pine develops an item jointly, volume of this kind of diode is very minor, besides can use at antiseptic, there also is wide application perspective in other sphere.
According to Japanese manage chemistry institute website introduces, researcher melts aluminium in the nitrogen that uses production diode above all it is certain to was added in gallium proportional indium, will comprise scale aluminously to raise 50% above among them again next, make finally gave nitrogen of glow of this kind of high-power to change aluminous gallium crystallization.
In the experiment, this kind of crystallization gives out below room temperature condition but the deep ultraviolet ray that effective and antiseptic wavelengh is 282 accept rice, power achieved tile of 10.6 fine long hair, broke the world record of this domain. Before most the diode of deep ultraviolet ray of high-power is the research group of the university develops the Kaluolaina austral the United States, in wavelengh the power when 280 accept rice is tile of 8 fine long hair.
According to introducing, wavelengh comes in 200 accept rice 350 accept rice the deep ultraviolet radiation inside this one limits is optical, besides have very strong antiseptic result besides, in resolve the harmful matter such as 2 oxygen Qi, there is the effect that cannot replace more in undertaking high density light records the domain that wait. But, before illuminant of deep ultraviolet ray has only ultraviolet laser and gas lamp, volume is huge, life is very brief, and the price is high. And the invention of this Japan scientist can save cost greatly, promote the development of the clean article such as portable small-sized bactericidal lamp. Occupy researcher introduction additionally, as research begin, if will be in henceforth,200 accept rice reachs wavelengh the power that 350 accept rice achieves watt level inside this one limits, this kind of diode also will produce tremendous effect in the respect such as the fast processing to contaminant. Information source:

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