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Vishay rolls out Bulk of improvement S series high accuracy
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A few days ago, vishay Intertechnology, inc. Announce to roll out foil of improvement Bulk Metal of S series high accuracy (BMF) resistor, these resistor are in - 55°C ~ 125°C (25°C reference point) when the tolerance of the TCR of type of level of for military use that has ±2 Ppm/°C, ±0.005% , and more than 10, stability of ±0.005% laden life.
S series includes 12 type, resistance uprights at 0.5Ω ~ 1MΩ , and can be inside this resistor limits be offerred freely or the parts of an apparatus or appliance that has any any tolerance, resistance is offerred below the situation that does not affect the cycle that offer money. When 70°C, these parts of an apparatus have the rated power that is as high as 2W, and can be endured live the electrostatic discharge that exceeds 25kV (ESD) . The rise time of S series parts of an apparatus is immeasurable 1ns almost, and do not have ringing.
These parts of an apparatus in S series can handle the ambient conditions of special rule with the smallest drift, make thereby they special apply to the military affairs that accords with EEE-INST-002 standard and MIL-PRF 55182 standard / aviation application. The construction of the resistance of set of ——S of final resistor component that faces imitate application can ensure the dependability that realizes Gao Shuiping, stability below abominable circumstance moves, and higher heatproof impact, mechanical concussion and oscillatory ability. In production process, resistance of every S set all passed the brief overload test of 6.25 rated power.
These new parts of an apparatus or appliance still have moistureproof character, and contain coating and moulding material, but waterproof, moistureproof, and offer mechanical damp to reach medicinal powder hot passageway.
Through standard of numerous high accuracy is united in wedlock in a parts of an apparatus, s series parts of an apparatus can make design personnel to achieve higher performance. Outside be worth except low TCR, tolerance and laden life stability, s series parts of an apparatus still has the low voltage coefficient under 0.1 PPM/V, under - the voltaic noise of 42 DB, and the hot EMF of 0.05 μV/°C. S set resistance can realize the fast hot stability that is not worth 1 second, and use do not have inductance (<0.08 μH) , design without capacitance.
The representative application of S series parts of an apparatus will include to be in system of satellite and system of test and measuring instrument watch, medical treatment, aviation system, commerce and equipment of martial aviation electron, weapon, frequency system and high temperature system (include facility of sound of well run the drilling tool into the well) medium used direct current.
Already offerred at present take down-lead and surface to stick outfit (SMR1D and SMR3D) S set resistance, the cycle offerring money of sample is 72 hours, the cycle offerring money that the standard orders is 3 weeks. Information source:
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