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The semiconductor austral honest rolls out 3 pulse two-way high pressure sparks
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The semiconductor austral honest (LITE-ONSEMICONDUCTOR) rolls out the 3 pulse that enclose with DO-15 two-way high pressure sparks diode SD1A240GW.
3 pulse SIDAC applies at lamp of high strenth gas discharge normally (on the trigger of HID) . If want to spark HID lamp, must offer appoint touch hair voltage to be in charge of at the lamp, make its put ionization of circuit way cable, as to the on any account that touchs hair voltage, depend on uses tube type, resembling is high-pressured natrium lamp and gold haloid lamp needs taller voltage pulse normally, just can spark in order to overcome the open circuit voltage of tube, pulse of report of this kind of high pressure needs trigger to arise, spark the sharp edge value of pulse, width, amount and phasic it is to spark effectively the crucial factor of tube. The account that the SIDAC of 3 pulse uses on the trigger of HID lamp is the high-pressured tube addition as use time, in-house impedance also can increase subsequently because of the ageing of bulb, will cause spark not easily start, 3 pulse can be passed through for many times spark will make up for start not easy issue, the stability when ensuring bulb illumes. SD1A240GW is aimed at 3 pulse application, improved tradition sparks reaction time of the canal, use SD1A240GW can simplify the circuit that much pulse produces, reduce cost, product pulse outputs stability.
SD1A240GW applies to the trigger circuit of various HID lamp, the SD1A240GW below the working mode that is not sparked in normal temperature does not guide the leakage current when connecting (IDRM/IRRM) is less than 5μA. Exceed its to turn when the tension that uses circuit voice voltage (VBO)215V~When 235V, SIDAC is guided connect namely and a cycle can produce ≧ 6 pulse number, close till electric current or electric current the lowermost holding current under itself of parts of an apparatus (after IH)50mA, parts of an apparatus restores supreme block to close position. This character accords with trigger to spark effectively the condition of tube, for example 198V of open voltage ≦, pulse voltage 4~5KV, 1μS of pulse width ≧, every periodic pulse several ≧ 6 wait for crucial factor. SD1A240GW accords with the environmental protection that do not have lead completely to pack, all adopt UL safe standard approbate.
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