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Semiconductor rolls out Ansenmei new small enclosed transistor and diode
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Parts of an apparatus of schism of augment of An Sen beautiful semiconductor encloses series, roll out new small enclosed transistor and diode. New increase enclose those who extended a company is small enclose transistor and diode series, cooperate current space to suffer be restricted model the stern design requirement that portable applying.
Mai Manquan of vice-president of sale of market of whole world of ministry of semiconductor standard product says Ansenmei: “ is portable to ours for product client, small size, low height and having power density at the same time is quite crucial parameter. Semiconductor offers Ansenmei those who be used at power source management, switch and protective application is small enclose body of diode He Jing to be in charge of, make portable product can compositive more function, and the size that need not increase terminal product or fall feebleminded effect. ”
New small enclose transistor
Those who install dark beauty semiconductor to offer the SOT-1123 that uses SOT-723, SOT-963 and dimension to be 1.0 Mm X 0.6 Mm X 0.37 Mm only to enclose now is general and slant buy resistor transistor (BRT) . Of these smaller size, low height enclose these parts of an apparatus are used in making design an engineer to be able to wait for application in the mobile phone.
New small enclose diode
Low to pressure fall (Vf) Xiaoteji diode
The SOD-923 NSR that brings expansion of dark beauty semiconductor series of diode of Xiao Te radical, have be as high as 500 milliampere (the ability of bigger electric current of MA) and be as high as 70 bend over (the parts of an apparatus that the larger retrorse block of V) breaks tension. These are small enclose diode of Xiao Te radical special apply to camera glitter and module drive
Move implement, LCD (converter of LCD) step up / or clavier is in a poor light and the space suffers be restricted model the dc in portable applying - dc (DC-DC) converter application. Diode passed the Xiaoteji that installs dark beauty semiconductor to be optimized highly, have lower to pressure fall and smaller leak electric current, offer thereby taller can effect and smaller loss. Diode of these Xiao Te radical are used without lead, enclose without haloid SOD-923, every 8, the budgetary unit price of 000 batch is 0.064 dollars.
New neat accept diode
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