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Luxuriant amount to an electron to roll out APW7209 power source to manage IC
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Luxuriant amount to an electron (ANPEC) rolls out APW7209 power source to manage IC. APW7209 is one uses frequency of fixed 1MHz switch, electric current controls element of mode DC/DC step up, switch of built-in N passageway but drive establishs ties 10 times Bai Guang LED. And APW7209 can be operated voltage limits is inputted to 6V in 2.5V between, suit to use the application at power supply of onefold lithium battery to go up, 1MHz switch frequency can reduce the volume of exterior inductance and capacitance effectively, built-in 40V overvoltage protects a function, can avoid laden sky to receive and arise not to expect maximum pressure.
Highest efficiency can be amounted to 88% , interior offers 0.3V referenced voltage, should do LED current limliting to be able to gain highest efficiency, prolong battery service life, final APW7209 uses SOT-23-6 to pack very great to saving circuit board space to have help. Information source:

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