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Global head money is stereo LED is born
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Opening ceremony of the 29th Olympic Games, china conquered with the visual regale of characteristic of extremely a magical magnificent, rich China the world. Actually, this is the opening grand ceremony of beautiful Huan of an United States annulus not only, it is world LED technology more on applied history unforgettable momently. LED technology the application that in the opening ceremony each link received incisively and vividly, end in arena especially, that screen that coils like Chinese landscape painting, it is Jing colourful whole world more. LED serves as the new and high science and technology that in recent years international shows technical field, with its the concept of energy-saving, environmental protection, science and technology gains the favour of people ceaselessly, be able to apply in more and more circumstances. Recently, of domestic 3D indication industry get army enterprise —— achieves a graph to inspect dimension, more take the lead in will stereo show clever like technology and LED technology couple, successful research and development gives first stereo LED of world.

1923 scientist Luo Sai's husband (Lossew O.w. ) the light in discovering the P-N that forms accidentally in semiconductor SiC writtens guarantee blasts off, but use semiconductor P-N to written guarantee electroluminescence principle makes glowDiodeBe able to develop quickly in 60 time later period. 889 time, as a result of semiconductor make and perfect, Glow diode(LED: Light Emitting Diode) provides some characteristics with its oneself place: Brightness tall, power comsumption small, dependability long, environment gets used to tall, service life performance of strong, price compares ability tall, use cost is low, be shown to wait for weak report domain to signal directive, number by wide application. Although a lot of indication that the technology is entered in succession largeIndication screen | Indication parts of an apparatusDomain, be like LCD, PDP, burgeoning even indication screen PTA, however LED is in large indication screen application has the following advantage, wait for beautiful of severe exacting environmental suitability, impact resistance like corresponding water, dirt, sunlight reliability of brightness of strong, freeboard, product is high, can make amount to 500 inches to exceed large size, life to amount to 50 thousand hour above (point to brightness spend attenuation to come 1/2) etc, this character is other not only kind indication technology is still bad compare, and make up for LED application to be in large the defect on indication screen (like every LED homogeneity different, LED comes loose hot issue, dot is apart from still big) .
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