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Aipukesi rolls out B41142 series watch to stick aluminium to electroanalysis cap

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Aipukesi (EPCOS) rolls out new-style watch to stick aluminium to electroanalysis capacitor B41142, interpose of its capacitance limits comes at 0.1μF 1500μF, apply to 4V DC the voltage to 100 V DC. Have agree with - 40 ℃ are mixed to 85 ℃ - 40 ℃ can offer an alternative to two version of limits of 105 ℃ temperature.
What be worth according to CV is different, housing measure is millimeter of 4 millimeter ×5.4 and millimeter of 10 millimeter ×10 respectively (D×L) . Resistor of the smallest equivalent series connection (ESR) the B41142 series that the value is 0.8Ω special agree with the application of ability of electric current of requirement tall ripple. The service life of this series capacitor is 3000 hours (105 ℃ ) . All types accord with RoHS standard. This is new-style capacitor applies to consumption and industrial electron domain, it is the substitute with the likely price of tantalum capacitor. Information source:

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