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Avago rolls out Xin Gaoliang to spend product of LED of type of stick together o
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High-tech of Avago(An Hua) announce, be aimed at indoor full applause sign and indication application, roll out noumenon of black of new series tall brightness product of LED of type of stick together of face of three colour appearance. Use industry standard PLCC-4 to pack for goods, the broad perspective that the ASMT-QTC0 LED of Avago offerred 115o and advantageous contrast and keen degree, can aggrandizement all sorts of indoor the short distance that full prize shows application views the result, in addition, set of LED of noumenon of this new black is integrated come loose much betterly heat energy force, can let LED be run with taller drive electric current, because this can be run below all sorts of extensive ambient conditions, bring much better reliability for the client. The compact ASMT-QTC0 of Avago packs special on the design needle to be opposite watch with stone's throw normally, need is tall at the same time brightness, tall contrast and low calorific join in order to avoid on display unit medicinal powder the indoor LED of sirocco fan shows screen norms asks, display screen to major indoor LED, lowermost brightness asks to near every square foot 600 candle power. Dimension size uses silicone to enclose material to lengthen the light after be being run for long to output efficiency expression for the ASMT-QTC0 series of 3.4 Mm X 3.2 Mm X 2.0 Mm, have attestation of class of humidity susceptibility 2a (MSL 2a) , LED of this black noumenon suits type of exterior stick together to produce an environment quite. The tremendous influence that if LED inspects dispatch to show screen is in,goes a few years to be brought to place of open indication market, installation exhibits a complete variety that use sale product or provides public information in center of store of shopping bazaar, grocery, conference and sports indoor indication screen amount also has increased considerably, besides, indoor indication industry also gradually forward the current with screen smaller size develops, because this needs smaller span resembling element in order to obtain much better screen resolution and taller contrast, the ASMT-QTC0 of Avago is not aimed at these illume design requirement to undertake designing especially. Information source:

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