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Village cropland makes a go into operation high capacity of 27 μ F 3 terminal c
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“TECHNO-FRONTIER 2008” of the village field place that make is exhibited on the meeting, exhibited as new product 3.2mm×1.6mm×1.3mm (namely “3216 dimension ” ) , the laminose pottery and porcelain that electrostatic capacitance is as high as 27μF “NFM31PC276B0J3” of 3 terminal capacitor. This product applies to the circuit of IC power source with the working taller frequency such as equipment of digital seeing and hearing. Rated electric current is 6A, rated voltage is 6. 3V. Use temperature limits is - 85 ℃ of 40 ~ .
In the power source circuit that 3 terminal capacitor regards by-pass capacitor as to be used at IC to wait, with will reduce noise. The capacitance of the 3 terminal capacitor previously is under 10μF, very small. The bear that wants to wait along with IC is fluctuant supply charge, need and 2 terminal capacitor are used at the same time. Because this product need not use 2 terminal capacitor at the same time, because this suits more,use at EMI to answer measure. Information source:

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