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Instrument of Japanese energy industry will appear on the market industry is the
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Instrument of Japanese energy industry | Appearance will appear on the market “CP3225A” of capacitor of double deck of the chip of 3.2mm×2.5mm×0.9mm of over all dimension report. With before photograph of standard coin product is compared, through eliminating dead band, increased the static capacitance of unit volume 50 % . And, pass with terminal unifinication, will enclose an area to reduce 1/5. Used the pottery and porcelain with outstanding air-tightness to enclose. Electrode material used the surface to accumulate bigger activated carbon. The inner structure that be enclosed by right of this kind and develops independently and enclose a technology, came true not only small-sized thin model change, and still rose to be able to bear or endure leakage fluidity and be able to bear or endure wet sex. Face a mobile phone to wait reserve power source | Manostat.
Electrostatic capacity is 14mF. The chip that has coequal measure Tantalum (Ta) electroanalysis capacitor the electrostatic capacity of 30 times above. Additional, through organic menstruum is being used in electrolyte, can use inside the big voltage limits of 2.6V of 0 ~ + . Accordingly, do not protect circuit in need overcharge and excessive discharge. And still can undertake 1 minute full coming of 90 % capacity charge quickly, and bear electric current is 1 ~ capacity of the discharge when 100μA achieves the characteristic such as above of about 90 % .
Began sample to offer money 8 years in June. Began a quantity to produce 8 years in October. Strive 9 years every months to sell 20 million. Information source:

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