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Vishay rolls out capacitor of chip of Tantalum of MicroTan of TR8 series mouldin
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Vishay rolls out capacitance of chip of Tantalum of MicroTanNS of moulding of new-style TR8 series. This series parts of an apparatus is using this kinds of 0805 enclosed capacitance to have 0.8ΩExceed low ESR (fall in 100 KHz and 47 F condition) , and use 0603 when enclosing, more 1.5 what reach the minimum inside course of studyΩESR value.
Because have,exceed low ESR value and small-sized 0805 and 0603 enclose, TR8 can be in take up smaller Pcb board face space while, rise to filter to handle the efficiency in application with signal in frequency further. The new-style TR8 capacitance of Vishay applies technically at portable apparatus of etc of player of camera of beehive phone, number, MP3.
With the other series in the MicroTanNS class of Vishay, TR8 series accords with RoHs standard completely, and do not contain bittern element, this received the consistent commitment that Vishay makes about supporting institute of plan of environmental protection green. This series parts of an apparatus is had without lead, use L shape face to issue terminal---Compare the terminal of traditional and gadarene style, its are easier with solder dish clench the teeth---characteristic. In addition, this series uses rectangular crust to enclose, conduce to simplify Pcb is assembled.
The capacitance value scope of TR8 series comes for 1.0 μF 220 μF, standard capacitance tolerance is 10% to 20% . The limits that rated voltage is worth comes for 4 WVDC 16 WVDC. The working temperature limits of this series parts of an apparatus is - 55 C comes 85 C, the top job temperature of this product when rated voltage drop is small can amount to 125 C.
TR8 series capacitance can use 8 millimeter to make up belt and disc to pack according to EIA-481-1 standard, and use 7 inches according to IEC 286-3 standard (178 millimeter) standard disc is packed.
The capacitance of chip of Tantalum of MicroTan of new-style TR8 moulding of Vishay already can offer sample and quantity to produce lot now, the cycle offerring money of a large amount of order is 8 reach 10 weeks. Quotation can case ask for. Information source:

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