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TI rolls out industry the odd chip of first compositive GPS, blue tooth and FM t
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Heart state apparatus (TI) announces to roll out industry first compositive A-GPS, blue tooth 2.1, the NaviLink of odd chip solution that exceeds technology of low power comsumption and FM to send and receive a function™6.0 ——NL5500, this parts of an apparatus can satisfy shift to hold terminal customer the demand that wireless to GPS, blue tooth technology and FM radio increase increasingly. This tall compositive spent low cost solution is built in DRP of rice of TI 65 accept™Over base of odd chip technology, make manufacturer can to broad in upright market rolls out fashionable and an equipment GPS function, beautiful low cost high-powered mobile phone, popularize the welcome GPS application such as service of 3D map, fixed position and safe service further thereby. This solution can enhance mobile user to experience further, bring a variety of synchronous activities for consumer, like navigation, use blue tooth earphone to communicate, and through FM transmission function uses car radiobroadcast to broadcast MP3 file to wait.
The join technology of ceaseless development
According to tendency of the market report and forecast predict, the demand to the GPS in the mobile phone, blue tooth and FM function can rise strong. The Patrick Connolly of advanced GPS analyst of IMS Research company expresses: We notice “ , drove GPS and blue tooth function to the driving demand of integrated GPS and blue tooth function gain ground, to 2011, the popularity rate of GPS will be amounted to 30% , and the popularity rate of blue tooth will be adjacent 70% , accordingly, we think compositive the assorted parts of an apparatus of these two kinds of functions will be in main effect will be produced in 4 years henceforth, drive the GPS promotion in beehive market actively, reduce cost, dimension and power comsumption ceaselessly, make sure function is insusceptible. ”
Over the base that NaviLink 6.0 builds technology of the compositive parts of an apparatus in TI already test and verify or major of much radio processor, it is the 3rd generation that the company rolls out parts of an apparatus of GPS of the tall compositive chip that spend sheet. This newest solution produces the technical advantage of TI blue tooth and FM kernel adequately, these two kinds of technologies already all embedded respectively TI BlueLink™7 blue teeth and WiLink™Parts of an apparatus of 6 mobile WiFi. NaviLink 6.0 takes up board class space narrowed nearly 40% , reduced mobile phone size as far as possible thereby, with before acting TI solution photograph is compared, power comsumption more reduced of 50% .
Remi El-Ouazzane of vice president of department of business of TI wireless terminal points out: “NaviLink 6.0 makes TI client can enhance mobile user to experience further, bring GPS function and mobile join sex for broader market. TI of have the aid of is in individual naked piece on efficient union the outstanding technology actual strength of a variety of radio engineerings, naviLink 6.0 solution can be in what the user of the implementation in enclosing of low cost experiences to be being shown increase, satisfy client requirement thereby. ”
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