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Ni Jikang develops new-style conductivity high polymer successfully tantalum cap
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Ni Jikang (Nichicon) development went bulk to compare this company before the conductivity high polymer that the product reduces about 60 % ” of product of series of tantalum capacitor “F38. Accurate stock over all dimension is 1.6mm×0.85mm×0.8mm, namely when 1608 dimension, electrostatic capacitance most greatly 22μF, rated voltage is the product of 4V. This product is compared before the product is smaller, reduced counting MHz above the impedance of high frequency limits. Through using the “Frameless” structure of frame of down-lead of interior of leave out capacitor, realized inductance of low equivalent series connection (ESL) .

Electrostatic capacitance is 10 ~ 33μF, rated voltage is 4 ~ 6.3V. Type temperature limits (use temperature limits) for - 105 ℃ of 55 ~ + . F38 series prepares two kinds to over all dimension is the S model of the M model of 1.6mm×0.85mm×0.8mm and 2.0mm×1.25mm×0.8mm. Sample price is mixed for 20 yen respectively 30 yen. Already all began a quantity to produce.

Additional, this product will be in 8 years on April 16 ~ 18 days at act piece the “TECHNO-FRONTIER 2008 that Messe can exhibit a center to hold the 23rd power source | Manostat system is exhibited exhibit on ” .

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