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Seiko is rolled out the thinnest capacitor of the smallest chip electric double
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Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII) will roll out the world in October 2008 the thinnest capacitor of the smallest chip electric double layer, component number is CP3225A.

Capacitor of SII electric double layer (EDLC) is can charge one kind electric memory parts of an apparatus, often be in advocate batteries electricity specific power consumption is used up or advocate when batteries changes, use as mobile phone memory and clock reserve batteries. With use normally hereat kind the button batteries in equipment is different, active carbon is contained in the electrode of this kind of new parts of an apparatus or appliance, active carbon has very big surface to accumulate, organic solution is added in electrolyte at the same time.

At present EDLC is enclosed is appearance of “ button ” commonly, because be a circle, cannot use the Pcb all round its completely board space. In the meantime, undertake exterior installation often needs metallic solder piece, this increased ply.

Product of this kind of new-style CP3225A uses external form of “ chip ” , industrial standard rectangle is enclosed, improved bulk efficiency effectively 50% . In addition, enclose in-house and compositive solder through be in piece, CP3225A implementation reduces installation 20%—— to be industry for 0.9mm—— only highly the thinnest.

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