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TDK appears on the market the capacitor of laminose pottery and porcelain that c
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TDK development succeeded to be able to ask according to the client set equivalent establishs ties resistor (ESR) capacitor of laminose pottery and porcelain. Basically serve as what power consumption is as high as the circuit of microprocessor power source of a few W to go Ou capacitor. The 2012 dimension of the 1608 measure that prepare to over all dimension is 1.6mm×0.8mm×0.8mm and 2.0mm×1.25mm×0.85mm two kinds of products. 1608 dimension are in electrostatic capacity most greatly the ESR when 1μF but set is 10m ~ 1200mΩ , 2012 dimension are in electrostatic capacity most greatly the ESR when 10μF but set is 10m ~ 500mΩ . Sample price respect, 1608 dimension are 20 yen, 2012 dimension are 60 yen. Already produced at beginning a quantity 8 years in Feburary.

Current, capacitor of laminose pottery and porcelain appears as the capacity bigger and bigger, the current that ESR reduces increasingly however. The laminose number of layer of electrode of interiorly of capacitor of laminose pottery and porcelain and layer of interpose cable system increases, while electrostatic capacity greatens ceaselessly, ESR is mixed because of in-house electrode however the join share increase of outside terminal and decrescent. Of power source circuit go Ou capacitor is the impedance that reduces whole, also need inferior ESR. Nevertheless, if go if the ESR value of Ou capacitor is too little, with respect to the circumstance that can appear to make with the resonance frequency between other and shunt-wound capacitor impedance increases. Accordingly, to reduce integral impedance, must want to increase other capacitor. This capacitor carries an option comfortable the ESR at circuit, the demand that can fall integral impedance to wait to microprocessor is the following, return the impedance that can restrain resonance frequency at the same time.

This product used a ministry to divide in-house electrode layer not to join directly to the construction of outside terminal. Because this in-house electrode layer is with outside terminal with potential, because this received as other as outside terminal connective in-house electrode repeatedly. Receive the in-house electrode number of plies of outside terminal repeatedly through adjusting, and the in-house electrode number of plies that receives in-house electrode repeatedly, make capacitor whole achieves the ESR of a need.

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