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Vishay is rolled out upgrade of version
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A few days ago, vishay Intertechnology, inc. Announce to already expanded surface of series of its 150 CRZ sticks the function of the capacitor that install aluminium and function, make this series parts of an apparatus can provide low impedance value, high electric capacity and ripple electricity, and the 4 sutural version that can implement tall oscillatory function.
150 CRZ parts of an apparatus uses 5 kinds to enclose dimension, from 8mm×8mm×10mm, till bigger 12.5mm×12.5×16mm. To realize higher performance and dependability, are these capacitor had when 100kHz low to 60m? exceed low rated impedance (the electric current of tall rated ripple of the 1007mA when Z) , 105°C, and the capacitance range that has 33µF ~ 2200µF inside the voltage limits of 6.3V ~ 63V.
The polarization aluminium that this parts of an apparatus restores electrolyte oneself to have the state that be not reason electroanalysises capacitor, its norms makes its special the filter wave in applying to car and industrial system, flowing, amortize and voltage withdraw Ou application.
Use a function to realize Gao Zhen, the diameter is standard version with 4 sutural version for the 150 CRZ capacitor of 12.5mm, long service life of 5000 hours is had when 105°C. The basis asks to be able to offer the 10mm product of 4 sutural version.
These parts of an apparatus that accord with RoHS standard can be prevented charge reach prevent discharge, because this does not have limitation of peak value electric current. Does the environmental temperature limits when these capacitor work upright at –55? C ~ 105? C.
These 150 CRZ parts of an apparatus use tape suction model disk type is packed. Current, the sample of these parts of an apparatus and quantity produce batch to already all can be offerred, the cycle offerring money of a large amount of order is 15 weeks. Information source:

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